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Jul 17, 2011 5:00am PDT
but love to talk to the everyday person on the street. she was very proud of her judaism and get it and practice it. she was a woman full of contradictions are you i think that was what was so interesting to people. >> sheikh is also a native daughter. she was born in oakland. >> she was raised in oakland. well, once she left oakland and move to the east coast, she went to radcliffe. she only came home once to america. it she spoke in san francisco, berkeley, stanford. she went back to oakland. the phrase she said is there is know there there. she went to see her old house and it wasn't there. >> when i think about something like the sociology of fame, she seems to presage things like performance art. with gathering people together to just explore ideas in her home and having parliament in. before commercials or anything technological, she actually was quite successful at self- promotion. >> she craved attention. she considered herself to be -- paris was her hometown, but america was her country. she wanted to be famous in america. she got it. she was on the cover of time magazin
Jul 17, 2011 2:00pm EDT
, and she began what is this judaism, and so her parents sent her to hebrew school, and she was fascinated by the stories, the stories of her ancestors living in, you know, these biblical lands, and, you know, it made them seem so much more exciting than the jews that she was growing up around. you know, she was shunned by the orthodox jews in her immediate community because she lived in a household and was surrounded by tribal divisions, but in bible school she was looking at the jews and arabing living side by side harmoniously and it seems very simple, desert tribal community, very -- and it excited her imagination, and she was born in 1934 so she came of age during the second second world war. she hit adolescence at that moment when, you know, everyone was learning about what had happened, you know, in eastern europe to the jews, and, you know, this was -- she was a kind of child who read the papers religiously every day, and there was a sense that something was going on, but in one believed it. when the photographs were published, her parents tried to hide it because she was a child c
Jul 10, 2011 10:00am PDT
get to heaven, the question of salvation is central to judaism, islam, and christianity. >> evangelicals have been especially certain about their answers, with many saying that people must accept jesus as their personal savior. >> jesus said there are two roads ilif one is the broad road that leads to destruction and judgment and hell. the other is a narrow road that leads to heaven and paradise. >> mary vanden berg is assistant professor of systematic theology at calvin seminary in grand rapids, michigan. >> there is one sure way to know that you will spend eternal life with god, in the presence of god, and that is through faith in jesus christ. >> gandhi is in hell and he is? and someone knows this for sure? will only a few select people make it to heaven, and will billions and billions of people burn forever in hell? >> bell offers a more expansive view. he's pastor of the nondenominational mars hill bible church just outside grand rapids, which has some 10,000 weekly attenders. he's also a popular speaker, whose videos have a huge international following among younge
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Jul 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
of their faith, but we can't up a symbol of christianity or judaism or anything else? >> i think we established, it wasn't a created symbol, it was an accidental symbol. the argument that we created this cross isng, too, iave no quarrel the question we all face is whether there's a god or not. people come to this decision on their own. however this is a stupid battle to fight. i don't see these guys going to military cemeteries and going, hey, these white crosses -- let's get rid of these white crosses. they're too scared to do that. >> let me let you sleep better tonight. there is a god. i know this will get me into trouble. i want to say it. we'll all remember 9/11. it was 10 years ago. in the meantime we've had the patriotic act which took away a lot of our rights, closed down our buildings, dogs everywhere, 15 new agencies to spy on everybody else. at some point we got to get back to living our lives. i know it's sensitive to you, i know you had friends that died there, but we can't keep going back to 9/11 -- >> he says it's because he barely remembers what happened yesterday. >> no, no. i'
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Jul 1, 2011 2:00am EDT
for judaism and invented by jews in rome. jesus was a jew. how did christ die? whining on the cross. how did panetta die? saying hiel hitler. that was taught and this was a warning in 1939 to the american people. thank you for sending it. think how many people you've just taught. we've learned a lot together. an awful lot. we learned about the fabian window and fabian socialism. duno about that? we learned about margaret sanger. founder of planned parenthood, wanted to kill african-americans through abortions, celebrated today. the road to serfdom, social justice, a praise so dangerous because it can be used for good but when you know the history behind social justice, you better investigate. especially because its used in churches. they've hijacked the word further to include environmental justice, reproductive and the nra, the recovery program and how they used bullyingy and intimidation, we showed the history of unions and roots and communism, the coming insurrection. there would be problems in greece. nobody paid attention. now look. black flag anarchist. one story -- how long have i bee
Jul 17, 2011 5:00pm EDT
apartment i would learn in education at judaism, but i left feeling very empty because they just learned how to chant. i was hoping for a spiritual experience. i didn't get it. i felt the exact same in college. the stuff that i was reading this and comprehend the bull and was charging, non-chomsky lake in its lack of comprehension to the person who doesn't understand that language. and it was demoralizing. and i graduated last skill, less motivated and i was a waiter. >> my education was the lack of an education. and so, i was waiting tables right after graduating college and i finished my lunch shift and i would go home. >> your friends as a way of doing this? are so much better. >> guest: it was embarrassing, humiliating, the best thing that happened in my life with the humiliation of having to work with and the people i was looking up to in trying to impress were looking down on me. and i started to pay for my own shoes. >> host: your parents cut you off? >> guest: my parents cut me off. that's why dedicated it to my father who cut me off and clarence thomas at the same time. both of thei
Jul 24, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. the city of ur is said to be the birthplace of abraham, the father of judaism, christianity and islam. now, his descendants are returning to a life that he might have recognized. >> alwash: this cluster behind us is a cluster of about three islands built by generations, over generations-- dirt, reed, dirt, reed. every time it settles, they add a new layer. >> pelley: and that's how they make their islands? >> alwash: yes. >> pelley: that's the sumerian creation story, that god laid down reed mats and created man, and created the world. >> alwash: indeed, indeed, exactly. it was... they took it from their lives, and you know, of course the gods lived the way they do, you know. and this is eden. ( laughs ) >> pelley: what's happening now is sort of a second creation story. thousands of marsh arabs have returned to this land since the re-flooding began, and the ma'dan are rebuilding their islands, with a few changes that abraham would not have imagined. >> alwash: these people are restoring the marshes, not because they're tree huggers, like i am. they're restoring the marshes because they ar
Jul 14, 2011 10:00am PDT
of what he did to the body. everything about judaism is designed to inculcate a certain sensitivity, even to inanimate objects, stories of moses not being able to snipe the dust of egypt, let alone to brutalize the body of a boy. this has no precedence. >> certainly doesn't. liz, i'd like to ask you, in your reporting of this story, were there any warning signs? we always ask that question, but i'm just curious. were there any signs that this guy, aron, might have been up to no good before? >> there really weren't many signs. i think he was not directly from borough park. he was from kensington, lived there, had lived in tennessee for a time, so people in the community really didn't know him which is what makes it even odder that this 8-year-old would i would go up to a stranger apparently lost when he was walking back from his camp, and he had arranged with his parents actually to meet his parents just seven blocks away, and they had gone through the route, so this was a sign of independence, and yet he got lost and thought that he trusted this man, but nobody really in the community kne
Jul 18, 2011 2:00pm PDT
, is protected by the constitution and treating similar groups like christianity or judaism differently from islam is discriminatory, but not in herman cane's world. he explains all that in a video now on youtube. >> that's not discrimination. that's just being cautious. >> reporter: it's nearly unheard of for a candidate with such low name recognition who by the way never ran for office to break double digits in the polls, but there he is in the middle of the pack which is why his statements can't be ignored. abraham hooper represents the council on american-islamic relations and thinks others in the race need to speak about out cane's position. >> if the republican candidates and the republican party in general really claim to represent patriotic americans and american values, religious tolerance and inclusion is an american value, and they need to support that. >> reporter: not surprisingly republicans we aprechd on this weren't exactly racing to the microphone to weigh in. the republican national committee wouldn't touch it either. the other campaigns are not commenting at this time. we
Jul 19, 2011 3:00am PDT
and threats. wax and his wife face life in prison if convicted. he had to give them -- in judaism when you get divorced, you have to provide a document and wouldn't give his wife the document so she could remarry and showed him a body bag and said pick a divorce or a body bag. >> a little heavy handed. >>> someone in north carolina hacked into the department of transportation road sign over the weekend. this has happened before. this time they changed the sign to read impeach obama. several drivers stopped to take pictures of that sign. it's since been fixed. earlier this year electronic signs were hacked with warnings about zombies. >> i don't know what to make of that. i think everything would be hacked now. i wouldn't have thought that would be a priority for hackers. >>> watch where you are going or you could pay. philadelphia will crackdown on texting while walking. pedestrians would face $120 for looking at their fines while walking. it's part of a larger program cutting down on bad behavior by drivers. >> you can't text in philadelphia you're in trouble. >> new irony here, charlie sheen
Jul 28, 2011 12:00pm EDT
and protestantism and judaism. they balanced english culture with german culture with french culture. out of many one. had previous generations of leaders not achieved oneness, we would not be, could not be the great nation we are today. the senate was added to the constitution as a compromise. washington, d.c., was placed on the banks of the potomac as a compromise. states were added to the union as a result of compromise. in this sense, america's ability to find compromise has always been our pathway to greatness. our founders established this more perfect union with a clea cleareyed knowledge that a house divided against itself cannot stand. division leads to failure. to make our democracy work, we all must work together. we must acknowledge that we have differences of opinion and differing points of view, but we must commit to unit chism the floor of the united states senate is the marketplace for ideas, and it is a window into democracy that is a liflg testimony to the greatness and diversity of our nation. the floor of the united states senate should not be a graveyard for ideas or innovati
Jul 8, 2011 1:00pm EDT
, christianity, judaism, buddhism, human secularism, that seems to have often overtaken washington. you have the freedom to do that. but the government's role is to protect the country, protect the people, keep people from coming in through our borders that want to harm us so that individuals can give from the blessings of their heart to help the needy to help the poor to help others. you cannot find one reference in the new testament that says government is to go about using and abusing its taxing authority, legalize stealing from people who have earned the money so that we can give it away to congress' favorite charity or a government's favorite charity. the government is to provide protection, protect against evil, encourage good and create an environment where good people can do good. and with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. mr. gohmert: i ask unanimous consent to submit the article from fox news by kimberly shwan and also the article from "the hill" newspaper by judy kirk for the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. for
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)